My Mission

Some Women intuitively know that they were put on this earth to move the needle and be an unstoppable force for good. I am one of those Women and really do believe we can change the world for the better. I serve by helping female, heart-centered entrepreneurs fully align their calling with the right sales messaging in order to make positive social impact and get paid for it. I help these Women step into who they truly are, find their voice and broadcast it from the mountain tops because I believe in these Women whole-heartedly. These Women are my tribe.


If you're ready to change the world, let's talk.


Gain laser-focused clarity on your vision, your messaging and your marketing strategies in order to drive revenue ten-fold and market yourself powerfully. Amplify your personal brand to stand out for all the right reasons.


There’s nothing like a total immersion experience-being with a small group of like-minded Women on a similar mission. Network, get mentorship, as well as tools and techniques you can implement immediately to become a stronger entrepreneur.


Working closely with a coach puts you on a direct path to improving your business, relationships and overall life satisfaction. The most successful people on the planet have mentors, coaches and advisors. With a coach behind you, execute a powerful plan of action that gets results in record time.


Watch Erin ignite and inspire from the stage. Her high energy and passion for Sales and Marketing is evident from the moment she takes the mic to the closing remarks. She thrives off an engaging audience and the opportunity to interact with others both on and off the stage.

"Erin Miller is one of the most talented and persuasive people I have ever met. Her ability to convey information with passion and conviction is unsurpassed. She and her team are extremely versatile and adaptable and can conform to the needs of individuals or businesses. She is an expert at mentoring future leaders and helps female entrepreneurs step into their full potential. I have sought Erin's guidance on several future business ventures, and she has provided invaluable guidance and support. For those who need knowledge, guidance and motivation, I would highly recommend Erin Miller as a speaker, consultant or team motivator."

Ron Ward
U.S. Courts National Academy Director

"Erin is excellent at helping people realize their purpose and direction. She is such an inspiration to me and always encourages me to be the best version of myself. She's very intuitive and not afraid to ask the tough questions. And she walks her talk. She's the kind of person who handles fear head on. She sees opportunities everywhere and doesn't have any problems taking risk. She taught me about the power of vulnerability especially in business. The one thing I love much about her is that she is authentically and unapologetically herself in every situation. She's hilarious, hard working, and dedicated. Having her as my coach I know she's the real deal and will help you reach your goals."

Cassandra Suarez

"I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with and knowing Erin for over two decades. She is a phenomenal sales presence who possesses an innate ability to both grow and maintain deep relationships. Her exuberance for growing business is not only palpable, it is infectious. Such is one of the keys to her continuous successes."

Ken Mack
Founder, Occam Learning Services

"My encounters with Erin, both professional, and in a coach/client relationship have enriched my life in every single way. She has a very unique gift when it comes to having the 30,000 foot view of a situation that you may not be able to have. She hears what you perhaps cannot articulate well, and provides the necessary space for you to navigate your way up and out of any roadblock or challenge you encounter. The true beauty of working with Erin is that if you engage in the process with her, you will achieve that 30,000 foot view of your own life, and that kind of gift is the kind that keeps on giving. It’s been life changing for me in one way or another each time I am with her! "

Amanda Bolzau

"In my 25 years of sales in a competitive pharmaceutical industry, I’ve never met anyone better at messaging than Erin Miller. In fact, I don’t think she’s ever interviewed for a job she didn’t land. She's truly gifted and able to articulate in a way that just resonates. She's brilliant at teaching you how to truly connect all the pieces of the puzzle. If you’re learning from Erin Miller on how to sell and make your personal brand stick, you’re learning from the absolute best!"

Lisa Seeber
Executive Account Manager, Johnson & Johnson

"Erin is an amazing coach. She is the type of mentor that pushes you to try things out of your comfort zone. Her laser focus has allowed me to set career goals that have enabled both myself and my business to flourish. She listened to my ideas and turned them into money producing funnels. Erin is not only a mentor, she is a creator. She carries so much experience, which shows through her abilities. Working with her was the best decision I made. "

Amara Marchisillo


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